Want more time freedom? You need a strategy

If you don’t have a strategy in place to manage your time, then your time is going to be managed by everything else.  Ugh.  This situation is quite common and you’re definitely not alone if this is what’s been happening for you. 

Most of the frustration and unfulfillment I’ve seen over the last two decades working with high-achievers comes from not spending enough time living the kind of life they feel inspired to live.  Despite the inner pull for greater alignmenttheir resistance to making themselves and their desires a priority held them back until they understood the connection between their happiness and how they managed their time. 

The only way to get your time (and your life) back is to stop doing ALL-THE-THINGS.

You need to stop doing all the things that waste your time, that you don’t love, and that someone else is better at doing, among other things. 

Time management helps you identify what you specifically need to be involved in, what you can cut back on, and what you can let go of so you can focus your time, energy, and attention upon all those things that move you toward greater happiness and your highest potential.

When you get clear on your priorities, what’s important to you, and where your time is best spent, then things will start to shift and you’ll have the freedom to be who you’re meant to be and to create a life that feels deeply meaningful.  

Here’s a simple strategy to get you started toward greater time freedom. 

On a sheet of paper, make three columns and label them as indicated below.  Under each column, list all the things that take up the time in your life, big and small.  

1.  Important / Necessary
The first column is for everything that is important, critical, and necessary that you personally do.  Things like pressing issues, crisis, and things necessary for survival also go here.

2.  Want Less
This column is for everything that you’d like to do less of.  These are things you want to do less of, delegate, or stop doing completely.

3.  Want More
This column is for everything that you’d like to have more time for.  This includes things you are currently doing and those that you want to make space in your life for.

Be aware that your self-worth, boundaries, expectations, and fear can get triggered so notice any thoughts and feelings that appear as you get clear on the gap between where your time is currently spent and how you’d like allocate it moving forward.

This process tends to magnify the health of your mindset which is why it’s so helpful to be loving yet objective with what comes up or to get support to help you work through this. 

Once you see it written down, it may surprise you to see how balanced your time is or what you need to shift to create more freedom and enjoyment in your life.  This is exactly what women (and heart-centered men) do in my programs so they can step into the fullest version of themselves possible.

Remember, you are in control of your life and have more power than the power you’ve claimed.

I’m here for you,

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