When Opportunity Arrives, Will You Say Yes?

If you’re anything like me, you know that sometimes it’s really hard to balance work and play.  There are sooo many responsibilities that we need to take care of – work, children, partners, family, meals, healthy living, aging parents, side hustle business, etc.

Sometimes at the end of the day I plop into bed without having done anything for myself. But those days are getting less and less, and not because I have everything figured out with the balance.

More so because I’ve chosen to make myself and my needs a priority.  Chosen to believe that my desires are just as worthy as anyone else’s and deserving of attention.

That means having a break when I need to, lighting a candle or putting on perfume just because I like it, having difficult conversations when my boundaries have been crossed, or going out of the way to do something extraordinary.

This past weekend I booked flights to take my mom, daughter, and I to the beach.  It was spontaneous and completely out of what’s normal for me in many ways. It was amazing to me witnessing the extent of the power we have to influence our surroundings. I know we are extraordinarily powerful energetic beings, but I was still blown away by what is possible.

It’s the first time I’m taking my mom anywhere. I’ve stepped more fully into the experience of being a successful business owner who has the ability to gift a vacation to others. My self-image was activated. It seems that my internal beliefs weren’t exactly aligned with it and so my purchase wouldn’t go through even though there is plenty of money in the bank. When I called the bank, they had no explanation for why it wasn’t being permitted and saw no issue on their end but couldn’t address it any further until Monday morning.

I began to question if it was Divine intervention or identify some rational explanation for what was happening.  Maybe it’s just not meant to be, I wondered.

So, I went to work on my mindset to clear out limiting thoughts or fears about who I believe myself to be, my money blocks, and my worthiness to have a certain kind of lifestyle. I had help from a mentor to guide me through the process because there were certain things I couldn’t see for myself.

What’s amazing is that three hours later I was firm in my conviction and believe of self, and the purchase when through without any issues or outside influence (from the bank).

I always say that we have more power than the power we claim.  When we do claim it, we can create miracles and magic in our lives.

So my reminder to you is that it’s easy to forget that life can be enjoyed in this very moment.  We let ourselves get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and forget to LIVE.

When the opportunity for something new and exciting arrives, say yes.  When the world presents you with an opportunity to step into a more complete version of who you want to be, say yes.

Yes, there may be obstacles to overcome but if you get clear with yourself, you will astound yourself at what you can create.

Here’s to your next adventure.
Big hugs,

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I had an opportunity recently to be on the Marketing, Media & Money podcast with Patty Farmer.  We went deep into the magic of mindset in your life and business – nothing was held back.  You’ll find lots of resources to help you create a life you don’t need to escape from (so every day can feel like a day at the beach).
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  • Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/krysti.turznik
  • Twitterhttps://twitter.com/krystiturznik
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