Your comfort could be stopping you

As ironic as it is, It’s easy to get comfortable when you’re not comfortable.

You settle into a rhythm of discontent, burnout, and your daily routine.

Outwardly you keep overperforming in ways that make it appear you have it all together.  The house, family, successful career, status, income…

Yet inwardly you’re stuck underperforming in all the areas that are deeply meaningful and important to you.  Deep connection, love and intimacy, making an impact, honoring your purpose…  

My sweet friend, things must get to the point where the pain of things staying the same becomes stronger than the perceived pain of the change.  

The alternative must become so much more desirable that you are willing to step into the unknown and start creating anew.

Something must tip the scales so that you’re either inspired to have more joy, peace, and pleasure in your life (whatever that means to you) or you’re no longer willing to tolerate only the little pieces of happiness that you’ve made space for in the way you’re living.  

I’ve seen so many people convince themselves that they’re fine when they’re feeling overwhelmed, numb, and disconnected. They justify their misery and burdens.

For them, life loses a bit of the sparkle it once had and everything becomes muted and dull. 

Maybe you’ve been feeling this, too?

It happens inch by inch, but it’s easy to suddenly find yourself settling for less and sacrificing even more.  And it can show up in so many ways…

  • You settle for a job you hate because it pays the bills and you don’t know what else you’d do where you can make the same kind of money.
  • You stay in the relationship that’s unfulfilling because you don’t have the courage to start over, even though you’re courageous in so many other ways.
  • You distract yourself with extra work or an extra cocktail (or two) at night because it fills the void of understanding how far off track you’ve fallen.

You’re not living fully.
You’re playing small.

You’re neglecting the deep spiritual impact and legacy you’re meant to bring into the world.

You’re not living up to your potential because you’ve been living a life filled with obligation rather than desire and soul. 

But if being in the exact same place a year from now sends shivers down your spine, then perhaps it’s time to gather your courage and shake things up. 

Your number one responsibility is to align with your deepest truth.  You were born with a blueprint for living your most authentic life possible.  It’s one where you peel back the layers of who you think you should be or are told to be, and instead discover who you are meant to be.

It’s not about willpower or grit.
It’s not about sticking with it or holding on until you feel raw and bloody on the inside.

It’s about deciding that your health, family, relationships, and happiness are your top priorities, and getting comfortable making the changes that bring you closer to them.

Maybe it’s time for you to decide you deserve a richer, happier life?

What if you went for that dream that’s been calling from your spirit?

I’d love to witness you do just that.  

Sending you lots of love,


P.S.  So what about you?  Is it time to get out of your own way and identify the obstacles that have been preventing your success so you have the freedom to create an inspired life?  

Reach out and let’s chat about how I can help get you there.  I’ve been here for you all this time…
Talk soon.  xo

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