Are you reacting to life?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not able to get ahead of all the things that are pulling at you, then this might be exactly what you need.

When was the last time you took a moment to assess your life and all of its nuances?  It’s so easy to fall into the busyness of day-to-day life, trying to stay one step ahead.

But after awhile, it gets tiresome and unfulfilling.  There’s only so much chasing and controlling you can do before it starts to affect your body and mind.

All that pushing, directing, and forcing is full of “doing”. Often when we find ourselves in a state of overwhelm, anxiety, or stress it’s a direct response to the way we’ve been managing ourselves and our energy.

That masculine outward energy has it’s place when you need to get things done, but before you even get to a place where action is needed, you must take time to allow your feminine energy space to be present.

It needs the stillness and softness to receive your desires so you can then direct your actions toward their accomplishment.

This is where deliberate intention becomes so important.

When you slow down and allow yourself to “be” fully present, you allow yourself to tap into your internal guidance system which will then lead you to your best right action. This allows you to connect with the universal Source to guide you to your highest potential and everything that is a vibrational match.

So instead of events, circumstances, and people controlling you, you regain your power and control by proactively determining what you desire.  From that centered space of connectedness, life becomes easier and less unsettling.

You discover more joy and pleasure because you’re grounded with intentionality on how you will live your life regardless of what is happening around you.

To get to that place where you live with an unwavering faith that you can choose how you will experience your life, follow these three simple steps.

1.  Decide what you want and how you want to feel.  Everything in life is either confirmation of what you do want or confirmation of what you don’t want.  If you have more things in your life that fall into the “don’t want” category, get clear on what they show you that you do want.

2.  Proactively seek out people, situations, and experiences that will support what you want and how you want to feel.  As you deliberately choose more of what you want, everything that is out of alignment with that will begin to fall away. Let them. Space must be made for the new to enter into your life. Watch for new opportunities that will lead you towards what you want.

3.  Tap into your self-care tools when unexpected or difficult circumstances come up so you can manage them effectively and stay true to your desires.  Lean more deeply into strong boundaries, your belief in yourself and your purpose, and honor your worth by staying committed to how you want to feel.

I invite you to take a moment to step back.
Are you reacting to life or are you consciously choosing your life?

If life feels easy and good, keep doing more of the same.  But if it feels more struggle and effort than you’d like, be willing to choose something new.

You deserve to have the best that life has to offer.

If you’re not willing to choose the best for yourself, who will?
If now is not the time to make a change, when will be?

Don’t let fears or self-doubt block you from everything you want.  You can regain control of your life again and feel a deeper meaning to everything you do.

Krysti  xo

P.S. If you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward, then it’s probably time to get some help.  Sometimes it takes help from the outside to show you your blind spots or to give you new tools to navigate the uncharted waters.

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