Following the guidance of spirit

Knock, knock. 

Who’s there?

Your deepest desires.

“The most dangerous risk of all is spending your life NOT doing what you want, on the bet that you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar

I see so many women (and heart-centered men) put off that special something that’s in their heart.  They often wait for the perfect time and the perfect opportunity when the stars align ‘just right’ so they can start to DO what they want to do and LIVE how they want to live.

They delay the longing in their heart because they lack confidence in their calling or in their ability to be successful following their calling. 

I know because I used to feel like that.  If you’re being completely honest with yourself, maybe you do, too?

Maybe you feel like you wouldn’t be as successful as you are right now if you took the leap, so you’ll hold off awhile longer until you can see the path more clearly.  Or maybe you question your self-importance and wonder who you think you are to have such lofty dreams.  Your self-image might be challenged if your goals exceed the value and worth you have for yourself.

Yet your spirit is asking you to step more deeply into who you truly are becoming.  

Perhaps for you it’s

  • Writing a book so you can share your wisdom with others who need the guidance you wish you once had.
  • Leaving your corporate career so you can dive head first into your passion project.
  • Ending your relationship because you it’s no longer serving your best and highest good.
  • Becoming more active so you can feel beautiful on the inside and the outside.
  • Downsizing your home so you’re free to travel more and experience new places.

Like so many others, there was a time when I questioned my worthiness and allowed my inner critic to hold me back.  I never quite felt ready enough to take the leap, constantly compared myself to others who had what I wanted, and didn’t really believe that a higher level of success was possible for me.  

Once I started to do my inner work, shifting my mindset, healing what needed to be healed, and loving myself for who I am and how I can shape the world around me… that’s when everything changed.

I developed a certainty that allowed me to believe deeply in my purpose and the legacy I want to create for myself, my family, and my community.

And the first step to this deep understanding (which is one of the foundations of my coaching programs) is to follow the guidance of your deepest self, of your spirit.  

You don’t have to wait, , until you feel tired, trapped, discouraged, or hopeless until you finally make a change.  You can allow yourself in this moment to decide how you will move forward. 

You can ask yourself, “What is it I feel called to do?” 

If your answer is exactly what you’re doing, keep doing more of that. 

If your answer is something different, then take the next step to make that happen.

Your spirit is always speaking to you, guiding you.  The questions is, “Are you willing to answer the call?”

Life isn’t guaranteed to anyone.  It’s up to you to make the most of the time you are given.

When you believe in yourself (like I believe in you), then you stop getting in your own way and start making the miracles and magic that only you can create.  I’m rooting for your success.

Lots of love,


P.S. You’ve tried to do it on your own but it hasn’t worked out yet. It’s hard to stay accountable to your dreams, avoid your blind spots, and fully step into your inner vision to create an extraordinary life because there’s a lot of self-sabotage that comes up when you’re on the cusp of embracing a bigger and more aligned version of yourself.

If you’d like an honest conversation about your situation and where you’re getting stuck following your inner guidance so you can create your own legacy, then let’s chat.  We’ll talk about your next best steps and figure out a way to help you live your highest potential.

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